Archives for July 18, 2013

You’ve heard of the wonders of colloidal silver, but how about colloidal gold?

Most people are not as familiar with colloidal gold as they are with its pathogen destroying sister, colloidal silver. However, colloidal gold, which is tasteless and non-toxic, has some amazing benefits for a wide variety of health applications and a long history of use – often in combination with its colloidal sister silver. Colloidal gold […]

12 Tips for Extinguishing Disease-Causing Inflammation

The best way to manage inflammation is to eat a diet rich in organic, nutrient dense, whole foods, especially antioxidant loaded fruits, vegetables and nuts like omega 3 rich walnuts, selenium, rich Brazil nuts, and natural vitamin E rich-almonds. via 12 Tips for Extinguishing Disease-Causing Inflammation.

Jamie Oliver Campaign makes McDonald’s change recipe / News + Video on Documentary Lovers

Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has just won a battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise announced it will change its recipe.According to Oliver, the fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the […]