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London’s Violent Spectacle: What is to be Gained by Calling it Terror?

“British Home Secretary Theresa May immediately responded by declaring that the vicious assault on the soldier was more than an individual crime but an “attack against all of us.” This justification however raises a number of serious questions. Assuming that the violence was politically motivated, does that necessarily imply that the attack was on the […]

Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment –

The man who led the IRS when the agency gave extra scrutiny to conservative groups tells Congress he knew little about what was happening. via Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment –

Conspiracy Theory — How to Care Without Being Consumed – Digging for Truth

I write this piece for those who are dissatisfied with the story we’ve been given, for those who have decided to research, explore and seek answers elsewhere and for those who have been deep down the rabbit hole for too long and may need help reclaiming their centered humanity and joy for life. To regain […]