Archives for May 15, 2013

Ironic Financial Theorem: Proof why mega-crooks get rich

All money goes to career Politicians & Wall Street Banksters. Proof:1: Wisdom is Power (Wisdom=Power)2: Time is Money (Time=Money)3: Power is work per unit time (Power= Work/Time)It follows:Wisdom = Work / Time and since Time = Money,Wisdom = Work / Money Solve for Money: Money = Work / Wisdom As Wisdom approaches zero, Money approaches […]

How to Make Hard, Complicated Decisions

Apply this tool to your tough decisions in life. If you have a list of three or four items and you want to know how they rank in importance, it’s generally pretty easy. Most likely, you do it just by eyeballing the list. But if your list contains five or more items, it’s probably not […]