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This US soldier ‘found alive’ in Vietnam 44 years after being left behind

A NEW DOCUMENTARY called Unclaimed claims to introduce the world to former Army Sergeant John Robertson, lost over Vietnam in 1968 and left behind for over four decades. The Toronto Star reports Edmonton filmmaker Michael Jorgenson found Robertson, 76, living in a rural Vietnam village stooped with age, unable to speak English, remember his birthday, […]

Lucid Dreaming – 7 Tricks You Didnt Know

These 7 useful tips will give you a fresh perspective to the world of Lucid Dreaming. Whether you have years of experience or are a new aspiring dreamer, this post will help you. via Lucid Dreaming – 7 Tricks You Didnt Know! | Social Consciousness.

Congress wants to spend $436 million on new Abrams tanks, Army says it dosen’t want any more |

“But the tank is built in politically important Ohio and new tanks mean manufacturing jobs stay in a key Republican congressional district. So what’s a half billion dollars on a weapons system which is not needed, which the Army specifically says it doesn’t want? Shoot, we’ve spent $400 billion on a fighter jet which can’t […]