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Costs of War

The wars begun in 2001 have been tremendously painful for millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, and the United States, and economically costly as well.  Each additional month and year of war will add to that toll.  Moreover, the human costs of these conflicts will reverberate for years to come in each of […]

Obama The Empty Suit – Digging for Truth

On March 27, 2013 President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act. Just as the country was focused on the Supreme Court’s hearing on same-sex marriage. Let’s not even pretend this was a coincidence. via Obama The Empty Suit – Digging for Truth.

16 Symptoms of Low Magnesium Levels

…Magnesium is a mineral responsible for numerous bodily processes. An anti-inflammatory mineral offering protection against illnesses like arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease, magnesium has been used to remedy problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory issues, and much more. But as you may suspect, just as upping magnesium intake can solve problems, a magnesium deficiency could […]

Invention: A Bladeless Wind Turbine

It may look like a giant airplane window strung with Venetian blinds, but this structure, designed by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo and installed at the Delft University of Technology in March, is a model of a machine that would convert wind to energy without any moving parts.Any mechanical moving parts, at least: The technology, developed […]