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Change Politics: Re-Mapping America

Consider how this would change American politics. Slate’s Matt Yglesias noted that parts of the Pacific coast would turn red and some Southern states would grow more liberal; Nate Cohn of The New Republic recently determined that, by turning some heavily Democratic-leaning cities into “city-states,” the map would have caused Democrats to win those regions […]

50 states and 50 metros / fake is the new real

The fifty largest metro areas (in blue), disaggregated from their states (in orange). Each has been scaled and sorted according to population. The metro areas are US-Census defined CBSAs and MSAs. via 50 states and 50 metros / fake is the new real.

Obama The Empty Suit – Digging for Truth

Obama The Empty Suit – Digging for Truth. “Obama has given Monsanto government protection…injected the military industrial complex with public funds at a near record level…made indefinite detention of American citizens without any charges filed against them the law….made it legal for the President to have a ‘kill list’ of American citizens…given health insurance companies […]