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Alternative Birthing Positions Reduce Pain & Orgasm Is Possible

When the topic of child birth comes up we might first think of new life and a beautiful miracle, but after that we might think of the agonizing pain that is experienced by most mothers who give birth to a child. Could it be possible that the body was meant to experience birth in a […]

Human Origins: God, Gods, Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Beginnings?

A half hour video packed with paradigm-shifting information, showing why ETs could have been attracted to Earth long ago and propagated the human race. Possible/probable explanations for missing pieces and questions of early Bible stories. Possible explanations for scientific phenomena (previously aka magic). Perhaps One-Creator followed by ETs of varying capabilities confused as lesser gods, […]

Surprised? Monsanto Protection Act — Monsanto Wrote It

It’s no surprise…that Monsanto actually authored the wording of its own Monsanto Protection Act hidden in the recently passed and signed Continuing Resolution spending bill. How could a major corporation write its own laws and regulations, you ask? Quite frankly I think it’s important to understand that the entire Senate passed the bill containing the Protection […]

2000, the Year Formerly Known as the Future

Looking back, it’s amazing how distant this past future appears. Let’s time-travel back to the year 2000 and have a look. via 2000, the Year Formerly Known as the Future — Editors’ Picks — Medium.

Karma is No Excuse – Digging for Truth

Is it possible that to be freed from the punishment, the karma; of our abuses, inequities, and hateful actions towards others? To remove our focus from past regret and future fears….to fully live new in the present moment…to be the grace of god? via Karma is No Excuse – Digging for Truth.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Learning Abilities, Memory | TruthTheory

In fact, the official release goes as far to say that high-fructose corn syrup can make you ‘stupid’. Conducted by the UCLA and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Physiology, the study is the first to demonstrate how a diet heavily concentrated with high-fructose corn syrup can hamper brain functions — particularly those associated with memory and learning. “Our […]