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Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking

Rule #1 of DIY: Never settle for what you’re given. You can upgrade and improve just about anything with a little knowledge and elbow grease, especially if you know a little about electronics. Here are 10 things in your home that you can beef up with a little soldering and DIY know-how. via Top 10 […]

Greer & David Wilcock 3-22-13 – YouTube

ETs, UFOs, consciousness & spirituality. Avoid your dissociative responses, please. It’s over an hour. Greer & David Wilcock 3-22-13 – YouTube.

British Queen urged to relinquish power because of ill health

Three Cheers for her abdication! And, sooner rather than later. With no other family members “in power…” The UK’s Queen Elizabeth II has been advised to resign and relinquish power as she gets older and overburdened with a tough schedule to live with, local media reported. The advice came from former Labour deputy prime minister […]