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The 10 Biggest Health Care Lies in America | Collective-Evolution

Mainstream health care isn’t based on “health” or “caring.” It’s actually based on an engrained system of medical mythology that’s practiced — and defended — by those who profit from the continuation of sickness and disease. This system of medical mythology might also simply be called “lies”, and today I’m sharing with NaturalNews readers the […]

The Power of Peppermint: 15 Health Benefits Revealed | GreenMedInfo

In our continuing effort to educate folks to the vast array of healing agents found in the natural world around us, we are excited to feature peppermint, a member of the aromatic mint family that you may already have squirreled away somewhere in your kitchen cupboard. While most have experienced peppermint as a flavoring agent, […]

Whole Foods Vows to Label GMOs by 2018

5 years?…it’s takes a food company that markets itself as being natural and organic 5 years to fulfill a promise to label GMOs? Whole Foods Vows to Label GMOs by 2018.  

Suppressed Technology: Top Secret USSR Airplane Flight Video – YouTube

Just what in the world is sitting in the co-pilot seat? Whatever the ruse, what’s more important is half the fuel, twice the cargo capacity of a conventional cargo plane. A ground-effects airplane that’s part boat and is meant to fly just feet off the water surface. High speed, high capacity replacement potential for ferries […]