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You’re Outgrowing Your Friends When…


This Is Not the Age of Defeat | The Smirking Chimp

This Is Not the Age of Defeat | The Smirking Chimp. There is a tactic of ruler-ship that employs hopelessness as a means to control the population. Hold your vision no matter what the outside circumstances look like… “Goodness is like fire, but it is not fire, because the matter it feeds upon is existence […]

The 10 worst toxins hidden in vitamins, supplements and health foods

Heres another whopper thats sure to open some eyes: Nearly all the “vitamin C” sold in vitamins across America right now is derived from GMO corn.This means that many of the supplements sold at Whole Foods, the vitamins sold on, the pills at your local pharmacy, and especially the products at the grocery store […]

Thug Kitchen (Eat Healthy Food and Use Swear Words)

IF YOU SMOKE cigarettes, tumblr crew I’m looking at you, DO NOT take any Vitamin A or beta carotene supplements. Studies have shown that combining those supplements with tobacco drastically increases your risk for lung cancer. But then again, smoking drastically increases your risk for lung cancer. So quit that sh-t. (Caution: VERY harsh language; […]

Change Politics: Re-Mapping America

Consider how this would change American politics. Slate’s Matt Yglesias noted that parts of the Pacific coast would turn red and some Southern states would grow more liberal; Nate Cohn of The New Republic recently determined that, by turning some heavily Democratic-leaning cities into “city-states,” the map would have caused Democrats to win those regions […]

50 states and 50 metros / fake is the new real

The fifty largest metro areas (in blue), disaggregated from their states (in orange). Each has been scaled and sorted according to population. The metro areas are US-Census defined CBSAs and MSAs. via 50 states and 50 metros / fake is the new real.

Obama The Empty Suit – Digging for Truth

Obama The Empty Suit – Digging for Truth. “Obama has given Monsanto government protection…injected the military industrial complex with public funds at a near record level…made indefinite detention of American citizens without any charges filed against them the law….made it legal for the President to have a ‘kill list’ of American citizens…given health insurance companies […]

Alternative Birthing Positions Reduce Pain & Orgasm Is Possible

When the topic of child birth comes up we might first think of new life and a beautiful miracle, but after that we might think of the agonizing pain that is experienced by most mothers who give birth to a child. Could it be possible that the body was meant to experience birth in a […]

Human Origins: God, Gods, Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Beginnings?

A half hour video packed with paradigm-shifting information, showing why ETs could have been attracted to Earth long ago and propagated the human race. Possible/probable explanations for missing pieces and questions of early Bible stories. Possible explanations for scientific phenomena (previously aka magic). Perhaps One-Creator followed by ETs of varying capabilities confused as lesser gods, […]

Surprised? Monsanto Protection Act — Monsanto Wrote It

It’s no surprise…that Monsanto actually authored the wording of its own Monsanto Protection Act hidden in the recently passed and signed Continuing Resolution spending bill. How could a major corporation write its own laws and regulations, you ask? Quite frankly I think it’s important to understand that the entire Senate passed the bill containing the Protection […]

2000, the Year Formerly Known as the Future

Looking back, it’s amazing how distant this past future appears. Let’s time-travel back to the year 2000 and have a look. via 2000, the Year Formerly Known as the Future — Editors’ Picks — Medium.

Karma is No Excuse – Digging for Truth

Is it possible that to be freed from the punishment, the karma; of our abuses, inequities, and hateful actions towards others? To remove our focus from past regret and future fears….to fully live new in the present moment…to be the grace of god? via Karma is No Excuse – Digging for Truth.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Learning Abilities, Memory | TruthTheory

In fact, the official release goes as far to say that high-fructose corn syrup can make you ‘stupid’. Conducted by the UCLA and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Physiology, the study is the first to demonstrate how a diet heavily concentrated with high-fructose corn syrup can hamper brain functions — particularly those associated with memory and learning. “Our […]

New US-built Car Coming, $6800, 84mpg, 5-star safety, Summer ’14

$6800 US-built car, 84mpg, 100+mph, 5-star safety rating, production summer of next year. 3-wheels but meets 4-wheel standards. GMI graduate engineer re-starting a shuttered GM plant in Louisiana. via

Motor-Generator: Makes More Energy Than It Uses

Over-unity design concepts have always been the holy grail of engineering and are always denigrated by traditional educators. [Over unity] sounds like a clear case of violating the law of conservation of energy…?Apparently not. I’ve now known of at least three independent situations where this is claimed to be the case. Two of those are […]

Not-Too-Technical History of Electricity | Professor Eric Dollard – YouTube

If you’re a tinkerer or a shade tree mechanic or if you remember what a quadratic equation is, or already know a lot about higher mathematics then you might be interested in this not-too-technical history of electricity and, in the subsequent YouTube parts, some new quasi-mind-blowing discoveries of physical science. The Theory of Anti-Relativity 1/4 […]

20 Historical Photos

Old photos many people have never seen. Take a look. 20 Historical Photos | MyScienceAcademy.

Open for discussion: Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake, TEDxWhitechapel

“This discussion is taking place because the militant atheist bloggers Jerry Coyne and P.Z. Myers denounced me, and attacked TED for giving my talk a platform. I was invited to give my talk as part of a TEDx event in Whitechapel, London, called “Challenging Existing Paradigms.” That’s where the problem lies: my talk explicitly challenges […]

Introduction to the Free Energy Revolution | Pure Energy Blog by PES Network

Usually, when people hear the term “free energy,” they conjure images of perpetual motion machines that work kind of like lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps — in other words, it’s a silly idea that will never come true except in dreams and movies. However, when we here at Pure Energy Systems Network ( […]

Amazing Spray on Skin Turns Science Fiction into Reality

The technology is now used worldwide on burn victims, those with skin tissue injuries, and also to improve the appearance of scars. via ScienceGymnasium: Amazing Spray on Skin Turns Science Fiction into Reality.