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Nassim Haramein – The Energy Of The Future – YouTube

Nassim Haramein – The Energy Of The Future – YouTube. 108 minutes…exquisite

40+ huge sinkholes open in Pennsylvania’s capital city — too broke to fix them

But the city is too broke to replace many of the aging pipes and repave its roads as it deals with ongoing budget woes and the looming threat of bankruptcy, according to media reports. The first of the recent sinkholes perforating Harrisburg was reported on New Years Eve when a chasm measuring an estimated 50 […]

Top 10 Lies Taught To Us in School

A school is a place that teaches knowledge, prepares children for their professional life and enables them to compete with the challenges they may face in future but sometimes, part of the information is not true. Here is a list of top 10 lies which are taught in the schools. via Top 10 Lies Taught […]