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The Cosmic Mystical Christmas – Digging for Truth

The Cosmic Mystical Christmas – Digging for Truth. The cosmological origins of the season now called Christmas. It’s significance resides in our DNA, passed down for eons from our ancestors. The Christmas story has been encoded with sublime metaphysical-astrological knowledge. Virtually all the ancient cultures from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, many African cultures, Greece and Persia […]

Prosecuting Bank Fraud Will Destabilize the Economy?

The government that permits this to happen is complicit in a vast crime. via The Lie that Prosecuting Bank Fraud Will Destabilize the Economy Is What Is REALLY Destroying the Economy | Global Research.

Videos/Presentations – Digging for Truth

Videos/Presentations – Digging for Truth. Simply go with this piece….You don’t have to ‘believe’, just imagine the possibility of it’s inherent truth.

Stuck at the Train Station…

The Matrix trilogy may be the most important, revolutionary and metaphysically dissected movies of our time. My personal take on this masterpiece is that the Matrix trilogy can be an allegory of the very challenging journey to personal liberation. Just as in most myths, legends and allegorical parables; every character is a component of our […]

Russia Rules Out Libyan Scenario in Syria | Russia | RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, December 9 (RIA Novosti) – Russia will not allow a repetition of the Libyan scenario in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday. “We’ll not allow the Libyan experience to be reproduced in Syria. Unfortunately our Western partners have departed from the Geneva accords and are seeking the departure of [Syrian President] […]

With Pot Legal in Two US States

“It has become necessary to analyze in depth the implications for public policy and health in our nations emerging from the state and local moves to allow the legal production, consumption and distribution of marijuana in some countries of our continent,” Mexican President Felipe Calderon said this afternoon after meeting with Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, […]

Dan Winter – Sacred Science of Carrying Memory Through Death 1 of 5 – YouTube

Dan Winter – Sacred Science of Carrying Memory Through Death 1 of 5 – YouTube.

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance – Casey Research

“In this article, I’m going to argue that the US government, in particular, is being overrun by the wrong kind of person.” — Doug Casey, Casey Research via The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance – Casey Research.

Why Finnish is cooler than English –

Why Finnish is cooler than English via Why Finnish is cooler than English –    

Low-tech Answers: the Chinese wheelbarrow, far more efficient

The Chinese wheelbarrow – which was driven by human labour, beasts of burden and wind power – was of a different design than its European counterpart. By placing a large wheel in the middle of the vehicle instead of a smaller wheel in front, one could easily carry three to six times as much weight […]

A Bushcraft Camping Outfit – Equipment for Living in the Woods

Whether you are camping in the woods for a weekend or staying out for weeks, this bushcraft camping outfit is a good base model. It forms my standard bushcraft camping kit-list. One of the considerations for my kit is that it has to provide good durability for the cost. I don’t mind paying good money […]

The ancient Greeks viewed the world in a way that one would today perhaps describe as “holistic”. Science, philosophy, art and politics were interwoven and combined into one worldview. Moreover, those who look carefully will find subtle, but intelligible parallels between early Greek philosophy and Eastern thought. The Heraclitean fire resembles Buddhist impermanence, while the […]

Buddhism – The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, Karma and Meditation Practice

The greatest achievement is selflessness. The greatest worth is self-mastery. The greatest quality is seeking to serve others. The greatest precept is continual awareness. The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything. The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways. The greatest magic is transmuting the passions. The greatest generosity is non-attachment. The […]

To Get What You Want, Ask for It First and Save the Pleasantries for Later

Pleasantries seem genuine when they follow the request. When pleasantries proceed a request, they feel like they’re just shoved into the letter to convince the recipient to do something for you. It doesn’t feel genuine. When they follow the request, they do feel genuine because they don’t appear to be part of any agenda. Once […]

The NEW Hollow Earth Insider » About the Insider

Someone once said that most scientists think that the only “hollow” in the belief of a Hollow Earth was in the head of the believer. Others call it ”a believe of the lunatic fringe.”   Obviously these knuckleheads hadn’t taken the time to look at all of the evidence before their per-determined assessment.    This is  where THEI comes in. […]

The OMEGA File  Admiral Byrd and Operation High Jump

The OMEGA File 17. ADMIRAL BYRD AND OPERATION HIGH-JUMP … In 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica [Operation Highjump and follow-up], but encountered heavy resistance from Nazi “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion. A Rear-Admiral who was in that invasion […]

Scans Show Psychopaths Have Brain Abnormalities | Psych Central News

New research shows that psychopathy is linked to specific structural abnormalities in the brain.The study, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry and led by researchers at King’s College London, also confirmed that psychopathy is a distinct sub-group of antisocial personality disorder ASPD, said Nigel Blackwood, M.D., from the College’s Institute of Psychiatry and lead author of […]

Liquid Armor – YouTube

This amazing sheer thickening fluid is the secret of stab-proof clothing. The video does not tell how to keep this solution in liquid form over time. It will probably lose its shielding property when the liquid dry out. via Liquid Armor – YouTube.

Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments | TruthTheory

Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments | TruthTheory. | quotes

“If you watch ‘Jaws’ backwards, it’s a movie about a shark that keeps throwing up people until they have to open a beach” via | quotes.