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11 Royal Conspiracies

Bizarre spins on history. Is this real? Have history books gotten it wrong? Do the winners always get to write the history books? I’ve heard about half of these tales before and believe at least one or two could be true. What if they were all mostly true?

Want to learn Arabic, Spanish or 3 types of Chinese?

Learn 60 different languages online. Free. Enough to get a true feel for the language, including nouns, essential verbs, simple sentences and phrases for travelers. I’ve been brushing up on Spanish. Both Latin American and Spanish Spanish.

Strippers(!) need good grammar?

On the web, and anywhere but space-poor newspapers, there’s no need to delete the Oxford comma, i.e. the last comma just before the ‘and’ in a series. Here’s why (via The Gloss):


What’s your answer to fixing the world economy? What does it take to move into a world of abundance and liberty for everyone everywhere?

Mad Men, Pan-Am, & Aermacchi

This 1960 Aermacchi 250cc motorcycle makes me laugh and drool at the same time. It’s gorgeous, a marvel of rocket design, but how did it handle in the corners or at speed on American highways? Reminds me of the ’59 Cadillac I always wanted. [I’d have settled for a ’60 model.] Check out the blue […]

The (maddening) “Lost” Maxwell Equations

This post is for math geeks, serious open-minded ones, to refute or argue. The topic may flummox and outwit too many practicing technologists, particularly mainstream electrical engineers and physicists. [I’m an amateur mathematician interested in big-picture applied mathematics, educated in the sciences, but unencumbered by the training of everyday practice. ;-) James Clerk Maxwell is […]