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…11. We now know for sure that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a DHS Drill using a weak black powder “puffer bomb”, which caused absolutely NO injuries. A stage actor with a prior amputated leg was used and stage blood packs were ripped open and dropped at the site. It was another staged False-Flag attack with two purposes: the first was to create more subconscious fear in the American Group Mind and use it as an excuse to lock down the city and bust into peoples homes and drag them out at gunpoint with no warrants claiming exigent circumstances. Both men blamed were patsies and the FBI murdered one in cold blood and then made a spectacle of it by running over the man repeatedly with on of their black Suburbans. This was true to type for any Police State and Marcus Wolfe, the former head of the East German Stasi, the one who was hied by the Israeli’s to set up homeland Security would have been very, very proud if he was still alive.

12. We now know that the Sandy Hook School mass-shooting was completely faked with NO dead Kids, NO dead teachers, NO dead Lanzas and in fact NO Lanzas ever really existed at all. It was a FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill and researchers now have the Intel contractor pre-prepared transcript for the operation, which by the way, was very, very poorly done and many mistakes were made which prove the operation was a False-Flag with No dead anyone except a few witnesses that started talking later on after the events occurred.

13. We now know that ISIS/Daish is a private mercenary army started by Senator McCain, and Generals McInerney and Vallely and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia, the American CIA (Bush Faction) and others including the secret Gladio part of NATO which has never stopped being active allegedly (some call Gladio the DVD, like Michael Shrimpton). Many insiders call ISIS/Daish Al Qaeda or Al CIA (version 2). Big American Military weapons and war equipment caches were left behind and unguarded in Iraq to be immediately picked up by Al CIA Duh.

14. We now know for sure that the Internet and cell phones and cell phone systems are the most sophisticated surveillance and spying system ever implemented and have been accepted and are now expected and even demanded by a public which has become so dependent on the conveniences and personal power these devices provide that they willingly submit to this incredible second by second surveillance by American Intel.

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